Star Donor Standard seamlessly re-directs your customers to a secure payment page that allows them to make a donation or pay for goods and services through an easy check-out process. There is no need to purchase an SSL certificate and no cardholder information is captured or processed through your site.

Star Donor Standard is the simplest way to accept payments online and can be set-up with little technical knowledge.

Benefits of Star Donor Standard

Secure donations on your website When donors don't have to leave your website to make a donation, you can be assured that you are not losing their attention.
Instant donation notification When your donor makes a donation, both you and your donor will automatically receive an email so that you can followup quickly.
Easy access to transaction reporting View online credit card sales 24/7 from any PC so that you can stay on top of your business.
Enhanced cardholder security Your customers’ credit card information is submitted and processed securely through Star Donor's Secure Pages, encrypted with the highest level of SSL encryption.
No merchant account needed No long applications to deal with. Everything that you need is ready for you to begin taking online donations in hours.
No SSL certificate needed No need to buy and install your own SSL certificate. Everything is handled on our secure servers.*
No PCI compliance to deal with Since no data is stored on your servers, you won't have to deal with PCI compliance.
Faster Deposits Funds are deposited directly to your bank account 3-7 days from submission, based on your account history.
Customized Secure Pages Your secure pages are customized to match the look and feel of your organization.
Personalized URL Your secure pages are personalized to carry the name of your organization in the URL. This will make your donors and customers feel more secure.
More forms Need more forms than the standard forms? No problem. We can create multiple forms for your needs: events, fundraisers, memberships, selling items, you name it.
Multiple donation form presentation Simple link, popup link, javascript code, iframe code, php form, or php embedded.*

Star Donor Standard is an easy-to-use, multi-functional application that leverages a PC and web browser to process card payments. Getting started with Star Donor Standard is quick and easy and there's no software to install. Star Donor Standard is so versatile that it can be used throughout your organization to help increase efficiencies and save money.

* Some form types require you to have your own SSL certificate installed.