Do we need a website to participate in the program?

No, but it makes it more difficult to take online donations without one. You can print your donation page link in your publications and marketing materials to allow your donors to donate online.

If you need a website, we recommend that you use Aplonis Webhosting. Tell them that you were referred by Star Donor and you will receive a special discounted rate for nonprofit organizations.

My organization doesn't want to setup a website right now, what can we do?

You can receive donations through Star Donor, even if your organization does not have a website. Remember to include a link to your donation page in the signature line of your emails. Place the link to your donation page in your printed material. Let your constituents know that they can go to your donation page to make a donation online safely and securely.

Can we do the setup ourselves or must we hire a web designer?

If you have a basic understanding of HTML and do your own website content, there is no need to hire a web designer to setup this program on your website. We provide you with the code to copy and paste into your webpage where you would like the Donate Now button or link to appear. If you need assistance with this, we would be happy to provide it.

How transparent is your process? Does the transaction appear to take place entirely on the nonprofit's site?

Once a donor clicks on your Donate Now button or donation link on your website, a new window is opened so that they can complete the donation process on your personal donation page. Your donor does not leave your website.

Do you have a demo page?

Yes, you can click here to see the demo page.

What are the participation fees?

There is a $25.00 setup fee which is due upon approval of your account. Monthly and processing fees vary depending upon the plan you choose.

When do we get paid?

Connect: Funds are transferred by electronic funds transfer typically within 7 business days from approval.

Advantage: Funds are transferred by electronic funds transfer typically within 3 business days from approval.

Explain the various possibilities for customizing the donation option.

We provide you with customized code that you place into your webpage where you would like the Donate Now button or link to appear. If you would like to use other graphics to better suit your website design and color scheme, you may do so. We encourage you to place a donation link with your code in the footer of every page. That way it is available whenever and wherever your visitors are on your website so that they can make a donation when the desire hits.

Must we use your service exclusively?

No. You may use other services if you desire. However, you should be aware that the more services that you use, the more confusing to your website visitors it becomes. Confusion results in loss of donations.

How long is the contract period?

There is a minimum service contract of one year.

What kind of customer support do you provide? During what hours?

We provide email and telephone customer support Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Pacific Time).

Will the donor see advertising or banners during the transaction?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We are not providing this program to further any marketing plan. This program purpose is to only provide an easy and secure online donation engine to allow you to take donations from your website.

How is the information collected from the donor used? Who owns it?

We have the highest respect for privacy. Your donors are yours. All donor contact information is forwarded to you when a donation is made. We will only contact them to correct a donation problem should one arise. We will never contact them or use their contact information for any other purpose whatsoever.

What kind of donation reports and notifications are offered?

You receive an email donation notification as soon as the donation is logged. The report provides all of the contact information of the donor so that you can immediately send out a thank you note and proceed to add them to your member database and contact lists.

Tell us about receipts and acknowledgements to the donor.

Your donor will receive an email receipt when they make a donation to your organization. The email receipt is personalized to show that the donation was made to your organization. There is no advertising on any email message.

Whose name is on the donor's credit card statement?

The donor's credit card statement will display your website name, e.g., MYGOODCHARITY.ORG.

How can we get a Click to Donate button in the Worldwide Shelter Directory?

When your paperwork and setup fee have been received, we will give your listing a Click to Donate button. This is a bonus to animal welfare organizations who participate in the Star Donor program.

What other services does your company provide?

We also provide discounted web hosting and other online services through our webhosting partner.